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Stone Strong Product Information

Face Patterns

Chiseled Granite Stone Strong Face Pattern

Chiseled Granite

Fractured Ledge Stone Strong Face Pattern

Fractured Ledge

Tennessee Foothills Stone Strong Face Pattern

Tennessee Foothills

Are you looking for a new retaining wall or a more reliable material to replace a failing retaining wall? Stone Strong retaining wall block is a great choice!

Why would you choose Stone Strong retaining wall block?

Aesthetics - Stone Strong blocks create a beautiful retaining wall as shown in our photo galleries.

Peace of Mind - You want something reliable and long lasting. Stone Strong blocks are BIG, engineered retaining wall blocks. The 24 square foot standard block weighs 6,000 lbs! The blocks are BIG, but when stacked they offer a face pattern that looks like smaller stacked block.

Cost - Stone Strong wall installations save labor, time, backfill and geogrid material when compared to installations of other retaining wall products. When finished wall cost is compared, Stone Strong is very competitive retaining wall solution.

Space Limitations - Stone Strong especially shines when site space and property lines limit excavation for geogrid since the Stone Strong blocks can be stacked higher than other retaining wall block materials without the use of geogrid or tiebacks.

Installation - Stone Strong retaining wall systems utilize blocks up to 24SF face area so an installer can set 24 sq. ft. of retaining wall in one block set! It takes the same amount of time to set one block, no matter the size. An installer can set more square feet of wall at a time, and the total number of blocks to set is significantly reduced.

Block Info

Block dimensions and weights:
24 SF Block (96"W x 36"H x 44" D), 6,000 lbs.
6 SF Block (48"W x 18" H x 44" D), 1,600 lbs.
6-28 (48”W x 18”H x 28”D), 950 lbs.
24 Mass Extender (96"W x 36"H x 56" D), 10,000 lbs.
24-86 Block (96"W x 36"H x 86" D), 7,600 lbs.
Top blocks, finished end/step block and corner blocks are also available.

Stone Strong System Components Spec Sheet - includes block drawings, dimensions and weights

Typical Cross Section Detail - Blocks have an automatic setback when stacking. 4” for every 3’ of vertical height. Pay close attention to the top block. The front face is angled to allow for backfill dirt, landscaping, gravel, concrete or other material to finish off the top of your wall. No special cap blocks are needed!

Fence Installation Detail - Local building code requires a fence? No problem! With the built-in void in the Stone Strong block, fence sleeves are easy to install so fence posts can be set quickly and without coring after the wall installation is complete.

Bridge Abutment/Wing Wall Detail

Stone Strong Field Construction Manual

Stone Strong Installation Video

Stone Strong Installation with Geogrid Video

Stone Strong Specification Template - This is a full specification template, which would be part of a project specification package. Follow instructions in red text within this template to edit to fit your project.

Stone Strong Specification Note - See below for simple text to include as a note on a drawing to specify Stone Strong block.
  • Retaining wall blocks shall be manufactured by an NPCA certified plant. Retaining wall block manufacturer shall have acquired and maintained NPCA plant certification for a minimum of five consecutive years.
  • Retaining wall block shall be Stone Strong retaining wall block and shall be manufactured by a licensed Stone Strong dealer.
  • The face of the main block shall be 24 square feet in area with dimensions of 96”W x 36”T x 44”D, and used whenever possible, to maximize installation efficiency.
  • Main block shall weigh no less than 5,700 lbs.
  • System shall have a void, to be filled with aggregate during installation, to provide maximum drainage within the wall.
  • Where site conditions allow, Stone Strong big block shall be used in lieu of geogrid.